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Should Vitiligo Patients Sun

should vitiligo patients sunIn daily life, human skin color will be constantly influenced by external environment, season changes and other factors. Among these factors, the main factor is sunlight irradiation. When summer arrives, some outdoor workers’ skin color will deepen gradually. For example, agriculture, fishery, geological prospecting and outdoors workers’ color will be darker than normal people.

Why ultraviolet ray can make human skin color deepen? During the melanin metabolism process, ultraviolet ray can stimulate the activity of tyrosinase, which is a necessary enzyme for melanin synthesis. And ultraviolet ray can accelerate tyrosinase change into dopa and dopaquinone, thus promoting melanin metabolism. At the same time, ultraviolet ray can accelerate the formed melanin transfer from melanophore to epidermis skin layers,making skin color deepen and be beneficial to vitiligo treatment.

In fact, this circumstance should be treated dialectically. Vitiligo patients can sun, but must obey a principle: don’t exposed to sunlight excessively, take proper sunlight.

If vitiligo patients exposed to sunlight too much time, it may bring bad results. Especially in summer, because ultraviolet ray is too strong, it is easy to cause burn to skin. And strong irradiation and exposure will arouse skin inflammation, especially head, face and exposed areas, melanophore will be damaged and lose the ability to generate melanin. For vitiligo lesion positions, melanophore will decrease and resistance ability to ultraviolet ray will be weakened. Long time exposure will make white spots decrustation and blister.

What’s more, for healthy people, human liver function and tyrosinase activity are normal, sunlight will make skin get dark. But if tyrosinase activity decrease and lose, strong sunlight will lead to melanophore metabolism accelerate. The melanin needs more nutrition. But if tyrosinase content is not enough, the nutrition for melanophore to generate melanin will be not enough. Thus leading to vitiligo spreading and enlarging. So vitiligo patients should avoid exposure.

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