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How to Diagnoses Vitiligo Correctly

How to diagnoses vitiligo correctlyAs we all know that the vitiligo is stubborn skin disease, before the treatment we have to diagnoses this disease first. First we need to observe the shape of white spot. The typical manifestation is that the skin shows some irregular white spot for vitiligo patients. The white spot boundary is obscure at vitiligo’s initial stage. The boundary line will become very clear with the surrounding skin at stabilized stage. After suffer from vitiligo, the white spot grade is various with the lack of melancytes more and more. At initial stage the skin lesion look like light depigmentation patches, the color of the white patches most as pale white or milky white color. Vitiligo patients will not feel pain or itchiness.

1) The onset of this disease usually at childhood or adolescence stage, it always presents the various size or shape decolorization of the white spot, the surrounding color normal or pigment increase.

2) The skin lesions are prone to occur on the facial, cervical, dorsum of hands, and trunk regions. The oral mucosa and surrounding skin are also easily to get involved, such as eyes and nose mouth, ears, nipples and penis, perineum, and anus regions. The white patches also can happen on the trauma part. The hair of the white patches area may also become white color.

3) Excluding inflammation after exclusion of inflammatory hypopigmentation spots, mottled disease, idiopathic pigment hypothyroidism white rosea, nevus depigmentosus and anemia mole skin disease.

4) The white patches region show bright white fluorescent under wood lamp.

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