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Diagnoses Vitiligo at Initial Stage

Diagnoses vitiligo at initial stageMany of the patients didn’t diagnose their vitiligo at initial stage, so that miss the best treatment time. Therefore their vitiligo will become worsen and worsen, and have a serious outcomes. We have to diagnose this disease early and treat early so that the white color will restore easily at early stage. How to diagnose this disease correctly?

1) The characteristic of lesion part, the lesion color turn to white, the typical white patches mostly present nail and coin size, nearly circle shape, or oval shape, irregular shape. The white spot can spread or integrate to irregular large patches and it may present various shapes. The centre of the white patches and surrounding of the white patches with deepening pigment band have some Island like pigment spots.

2) Early diagnosis of vitiligo, we are not only to find pigment depigmentation, the depigmentation skin are similar with the surrounding skin, there are no symptoms of the Itching, scaling or atrophy changes. We can consider about vitiligo first when there are no other skin disease.

3) The lesion part of vitiligo, any part of body have the possibility to have the white patches, but the major symptom of vitiligo is on the head and face, other part such as the cervical, chest, and waist abdomen private area.

4) The characteristic of vitiligo is very easily to spread to other part of body, if they didn’t seek for timely treatment, it will spread to other part of body. It is easily to spread to facial part and the sunburn area. So after diagnoses vitiligo the patients should use effective therapeutic methods to control the spreading of vitiligo.

The early diagnose vitiligo methods, it must to use some professional examination to know exactly which factors that cause this disease, once it is diagnosed as vitiligo, you should seek for systemic treatment for this disease prevent the vitiligo spread more and cause more harm to body. If you are still confused, you can contact our online consultant, and make an appointment with our expert. You can send your problem to casuhospital02@hotmail.com and we will reply as soon as possible.

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