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The Symptoms of Unusual Type Vitiligo

vitiligo symptomVitiligo is a kind of common skin disease that is intractable. And unusual type vitiligo is a common type among vitiligo types. Unusual type vitiligo can be divided to be congenital vitiligo, which is hereditary disease. The appearance are white spots of different sizes. Another type belongs to be segmental vitiligo. It usually relapse without proper treatment.

Vitiligo is a skin disease of high incidence ion clinic. Because different patients have different causes, the skin symptoms are quite different. And unusual type vitiligo is a common type. Although unusual type vitiligo has little damages compared to other types, the treatment can not be delayed. In peacetime, patients should also do well in prevention work. What are the symptoms of unusual type vitiligo?

Unusual type vitiligo is based on vitiligo causes and can be divided to be congenital type, segmental type and traumatic type vitiligo.

First, congenital type vitiligo: It is genetic. In clinic, it belongs to primary, local, and generalized skin depigmentation symptom. Patients’ white lesion mainly present to be white spots of different sizes, shapes, and have no pigment. Skin of the whole body can get white spots, such as fingers and ears.

Second, segmental type vitiligo: The patients’ symptoms are slight compared to other types. The causes are local melanin decreases. Patients are mainly teenagers. And patients’ any body positions can get vitiligo. The white spots are not of different sizes and there is no itch symptoms. Few vitiligo patients’ lesion can disappear automatically without treatment. Be we need to pay attention to bad spirit factors, sunlight and trauma. These factors can all lead to vitiligo aggravating and relapsing.

Third, traumatic type vitiligo: This type vitiligo is usually because skin get trauma, surgery, scratch and other factors. It belongs to acquired and generalized depigmentation. Patients’ lesion is usually on trauma positions. The symptoms are the same as primary type vitiligo. And it may spread to local positions accompanying with pruritus.

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