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Some Common Symptoms for Vitiligo

Some common symptoms for vitiligoVitiligo patients will find some small white spot on their skin first, but skin keep a normal structure. And the patient’s lesion part doesn’t have any symptoms except fells itchiness.

Small white spots are more obvious show at hands leg arm and face lips part because these part are at exposure to sunlight. Some other regions are easily to have white patches such as armpit, around mouth, eyes, and nose, and belly button, private area. The vitiligo always appear in three ways, the first way is the white spot only confined in certain part. Some of it on one side of body it known as segmental vitiligo type. And generally it’s symmetrical for this type. Besides that, some of the white patches sites will grow some white hair, and white eyebrow, white mustache. Besides that for some special patient’s case, vitiligo even affects the eye’s color and retina.

Besides that we also need to do some test for patients to diagnose this disease. For example the doctor will ask for the patients past medical history. One of the most important points is if there is any family history of this disease, and whether there is any dermexanthesis sunburn or other skin injury at the vitiligo patient’s skin lesion part before two to three months. Whether patients are have some physical disease and stress, whether there are some white hair are appearing. Except that the doctor should know about the patients and family members if sensitive to sunlight or with an autoimmunity disorder disease.

Except to asking for patients about their vitiligo condition, the doctor also will do some investigations for patients. Such as they will do a biopsy examination to the abnormal part of tissue, and have a blood test to examine the blood amount and the thyroid function. Surely the doctor will also use the wood lamp to examine skin. All these tests will rule our other conditions. For some patients, the doctor will suggest them to do some eye examination to check uveitis. They also need to check the antinuclear antibodies level, it can help to exam whether there are some autoimmunity system problem.

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