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Difference Between Children and Adults With Vitiligo

vitiligo difference between the children and adults.The children is our future hope, for the children vitiligo, we have to pay attention to it. The incidence of vitiligo is gradually increase year by year. Children also become the high-risk population of patients with vitiligo. What is the difference between the children and the adult’s vitiligo? How we treat vitiligo use the traditional Chinese medicine.

Here are few pints about the vitiligo difference between the children and adults.

The first points is we want to tell the patients, the children vitiligo symptoms is the depigmentaion patches look like pure white circle and irregular shape. The surface is smooth, the boundary is clear, and pigment increase in the margin.

The second point is the children skin is whiter than adults, so it would be more hard to see the potential white patches. The local skin for baby was milky white spot, the hair can be normal in lesion part, but also it can be variable white. When the skin become white it would be more sensitive to the sunlight, skin will become red when just exposure under sun on a short time. The Course of the disease is slow, it would expand to the surrounding skin, it will stop expanding until the white patches integrate together. And the vitiligo on the facial area is easily to get cured, and the treatment duration will short.

Thirdly because children are very young, some of the symptoms hasn’t present out, if the white patches is large, after the sunburn, you will feel sense of burning.

Here are many skin disease is similar with the vitiligo, and the early symptoms is confined on the certain part of the body or distribute on the certain nervous segmental. There are rare cases for the vitiligo patients their white patches just disappear itself. Most of the vitiligo increase and expand. And Adjacent white patches of vitiligo can be integrate with irregular large mutual fusion. Some of the early vitiligo symptoms that the normal skin residue some white patches.

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