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White Patches on Hands Face and Back of the Body

white patches on hands face and the back of the bodyThe male and female have the same incidence suffer from this disease in the world, all the part of body may also appear the white spots. The morbidity is various from the region and the skin color to see. The deep color has the higher chance of getting this disease. Morbidity is lack of 1% in the American, and the Indian up to 4%. For the adults have the higher rate of vitiligo. In this article I will introduce you the characteristics of white spot on the hands face and the back of the body.

When the white spot appear on the hands face and the back of the body, it may be the generalized type of vitiligo. If you vitiligo area is more than50%. We divided vitiligo into four types in clinic according to the vitiligo shape, location, and range.

Focal type, the white patches are occur in spot single or clustered in a certain parts of body.

Distributed type, the white patches are distributed symmetrically, the white spot have different size.

Generalize type, the lesion are 1/2 of the whole body surface.

Segmental type, the white patches are distributed along the nerve segments. We divide it into complete type and incomplete type according to the depigmentation condition at the lesion part. completed type have a negative reaction to the Dihydroxy benzedrine acid, Melanocyte disappear, poor response to treatment, incomplete type of the segment type vitiligo have the positive reaction to the DOPA, the amount of melancytes will decrease, have the higher chance to recovery.

If patient have the white spot on the hands face and the back of the body. You can notice that the hair on the surface of white patches skin become white. It usually shows a milky white or pink color. The surface of the white patches is smooth and the margin of the white patches looks clear. The facial area and the hands also occur frequently

This Disease have some other symptoms, few patients will feel itchiness in the vitiligo part. At meantime the vitiligo also accompany some other immunity disease, such as the diabetes, thyroid disease, Insufficiency of the adrenal gland, pernicious anemia, rheumatic arthritis, Scleroderma, ectopic dermatitis, alopecia areata, etc.

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