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Symptoms at Developing and Stabilized Stage for Vitiligo

Symptoms at developing and stabilized stage for vitiligoSometimes during the color restoring phase, we still can find some new white spot occur. In clinic we can see that some new white spot appear in the normal skin area after the treatment. But in this phase their vitiligo also is improving stage, this phenomenon is because of the some inducing factors based on our studying. If we can not find out the inducing factors but white patches size still increasing. Normally we can increase the medication dosage to control the developing of this disease. After two to three weeks observations we need to change the therapies if the new white spot increased. There are two major different symptoms between this developing stage and stablized stage vitiligo.

Developing stage vitiligo:

1) the patients white patches will increase and the original white patches will gradually expand. And the boundary line is unclear with the normal skin.

2) The white patches expand due to the external using medication irritation.

3) After patients suffer from the mechanical trauma and friction, the skin may become white color, or it can induce expanding of the white patches called isomorphic reaction.

Stabilized stage vitiligo:

1) patients vitiligo stop developing, the boundary line is clear. pigment become deeper on the edge of the white patches.

2) the patients white patches will not occur the isomorphic reaction after apply some liquid medicine, or mechanical trauma. so we can choose the external using medicines, make the stabilized phase vitiligo transfer to the improving phase.

3) During improving phase, the white patches boundaries are clear, and the pigment will become deeper at the edge, accompanied by the pigment band, the amount of the white patches also will decrease.

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