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The Main Symptoms for Vitiligo Patients

The main symptoms for vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a kind of disease that is easily to diagnose but hard to get cured, how we estimate the severity of vitiligo, and how are diagnose this disease correctly? What are the main symptoms for the vitiligo patients?

Firstly, the dividing line is very clear between the normal white patches and normal skin color, but if the vitiligo is on the developing stage, the edge of the white patches are blur, some may appear of diffusion halo ring surrounded the white patches. The color diffusion halo ring is at normal skin color and white patches. The hair follicle is white color at vitiligo part, or the color of the hair is between white and black. For the therapeutic effect is relatively poor for the hair turn to white patients.

And after white patches disappear, the hair color can turn to black.

I believe that most of our patients know about the vitiligo, but do you know what is the symptom of this disease? Generally speaking, the superficial of white patches are very smooth, and there are no scales either scab. The patient‘s feeling and secretion function is normal, these symptoms can help the specialist analyze the causes accurately. So you have to be very careful to diagnosing vitiligo, once you are diagnosed, seek for treatment immediately. Don’t delay the best treatment time.

Secondly, because of the vitiligo is caused by different factors, but the white spot may appear on any part of our body, such as the oral mucosa, and genital mucosa. And the white patches area gradually expanding, and different size, single or multiple irregular white patches. even all the vitiligo look like white color, but the white grade is different, it can be pale white, or milky white , cloudy white, and porcelain white, in some rare situation, the white patches can disappear itself, and the process is very slow, and onset time is different, the symptoms also is different at different stages.

The skin are more sensitive to the sunlight, and white patches looks red, and burning pain, and blisters, itchiness, it will severely cause the white patches spreading. For vitiligo patients should control the exposure time under sun light especially at summer or noontime.

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