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How to Judge Vitiligo Degree from White Spots Color

vitiligo symptomsVitiligo is a kind of skin disease presenting to be the serious change of skin pigment. At lesion positions, the local skin pigment’s white spots and scurf will drop out. The vitiligo morbidity can reach to be 2%, and the lowest rate is about 0.5%. This disease involves various race and people group. Generally speaking, people have light skin color have low morbidity. And people with dark skin color have high morbidity. How can we judge the vitiligo degree by the color of patients’ white spots?

Vitiligo is a common depigmentation skin disease. It is characterized by the loss of local and generalized white spots, which can seriously affect people’ appearance. It is easy to diagnose, but hard to be treated.

The appearance of white spots are the typical symptoms of vitiligo. It can located at any position of human body, or distributed along some nerve segment, or even spreads to the whole body. According to the different form of vitiligo, we can judge your vitiligo development condition. For example, the white spots color can reach to be over four types: light white, milk white, cloudy white, porcelain white. By observing the white spots color, doctor can judge the degree of white spots, and then make specific treatment plan for you according to your vitiligo condition.

Light white: when your white spots are light white, it means it has light damage to your skin. The lesion position color is lighter than normal skin color. And at this moment, the melanophore function has be damaged a little, but the melanophore function is still easy to recover.

Milk white: white spots color is like milk. And white spots present to be milk white, which means the damage to skin has become serious further.

Cloudy white: the white spots color is like the cloud in the sky, which means the white spots positions’ melanophore functions have been damaged seriously. Only have little melanophore has normal function. And cloudy white is a kind of serious appearance for vitiligo patients.

Porcelain white: the white spots’ color is like the porcelain. It is the most serious color of white spots. It means that the melanophore has been almost damaged completely. Even the whole melanophore has become atrophied, even die.

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