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What Other Diseases Will Vitiligo Lead to

vitiligo damagesIn clinic, there will be some complications. And in clinic, there are some vitiligo cases that are accompanied with some autoimmune diseases and internal secretion diseases, such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, diabetes, chronic adrenocortical hypofunction, chronic active hepatitis. Besides, there are reports showing that vitiligo is related to pernicious anemia, halo nevus, bald or alopecia areata, psoriasis, scleroderma, hard spot disease, malignant tumor, drug eruption, herpes zoster, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, myasthenia gravis, chronic subcutaneous tissue candidiasis and patients with eye diseases. Therefore, vitiligo may have some complications for some vitiligo patients.

First, diabetes. For vitiligo patients, their islet cell antibody positive rate is higher than normal person. Generally speaking, the morbidity of vitiligo complicated with diabetes is about 1%~7%. It is mainly insulin dependent on diabetes. If vitiligo patients have diabetes, they will also have autoimmune diseases.

Second, thyroid disease. These thyroid diseases are mainly autoimmune thyroid, including diffuse goiter with hyperthyroidism, chronic lymphatic thyroiditis, Primary idiopathic hypothyroidism. For vitiligo patients, the morbidity of hyperthyroidism is quite high, which is about 20%. Compared to normal people, vitiligo patients with thyroid index abnormal phenomenon is obviously high, especially women vitiligo patients. And generalized vitiligo patients have the highest rate to get hyperthyroid. Segmental type vitiligo patients have the least relation with hyperthyroid. Some experts think that segmental type vitiligo patients’ pathogenesis is quite different from other types.

Third, teeth diseases. Patients have vitiligo on head and face will be accompanied with dental caries, denture, dental deformities, ectopic, residual roots and other teeth diseases.

Forth, alopecia areata. Vitiligo accompanied with alopecia areata usually occurs to developmental and generalized type vitiligo. Actually, it is very common that vitiligo patients have alopecia areata.

Fifth, psoriasis. In clinic, it is very common that the same patient has both vitiligo and psoriasis. Some researches find that, if patients have both psoriasis and vitiligo will be accompanied with autoimmune diseases. The complication of these two diseases has relation with autoimmune. As a whole, vitiligo can arouse various complications.

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