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The Common Positions of Vitiligo

The common positions of vitiligoVitiligo usually occurs on face, neck, waist, sacrococcygeal region, nail back, armpit, perineum, legs and etc. Generally speaking, these positions are easy to get vitiligo. If you want to avoid the influence of vitiligo, you need to do prevention work. Try to decrease the intake of junk food and the harmful gas. Don’t get trauma.

The appearance of vitiligo will no doubt cause certain influences to patients’ mentality and body. Although vitiligo patients have no feeling of itch and pain, it will generate some white spots on human skin, which is easy to be exposed to others. Finally, it may make vitiligo patients feel self-abased, worried restless.

Vitiligo is a kind of acquired local or generalized depigmentation disease. Vitiligo is usually caused by the loss of melanophore of skin. Any positions on patients’ body can get vitiligo. But the common positions are nail back, wrist, hand back, face, neck, genitals and etc. And women perineum is also likely to get white spots, especially teenager women. If these positions get vitiligo, you should be prudent. And once you find white spots on your these body positions, you should go to hospital timely to do some examinations and treatment to prevent the aggravation of your vitiligo condition.

As for vitiligo prevention, the first is to decrease the intake of junk food, and timely get rid of bad diet habits. And it is also very necessary to change your habit of food preference. You can make a scientific diet list for you to supplement the nutrition that are needed for your body. The second is to decrease the intake of harmful gas. Because the air pollution is serious nowadays, before going outside, you should do protection measures. If it is haze weather, you should avoid going outside. Then you should protect you body not get trauma to prevent isomorphic reaction. Keep good attitude and be happy. Don’t be too stressful.

As for vitiligo treatment, you should grasp the best treatment period, don’t delay the optimal treatment time. And vitiligo patients should go to professional vitiligo hospitals and don’t take medicines blindly. If you have any questions, you can consult doctors and take medicines under the doctors’ suggestions.

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