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What are The Common Symptoms of Vitiligo

vitiligo symptomscVitiligo has obvious boundary with healthy skin: the expression of vitiligo is white spots, light white color on skin surface. At the initial stage, vitiligo doesn’t have clear boundary with surrounding normal color. And there will be the existence of blush. However, when your vitiligo aggravates, the white spots boundary will become more and more obvious. And blush will disappear. Vitiligo is easy to occur on face and neck and other exposed areas, affecting beauty.

Different seasons have different vitiligo degree: vitiligo is common chronic skin disease which usually occurs in summer and spring. Spring and summer are the common seasons for vitiligo generation and relapsing. Because the metabolism speed is quick, vitiligo onset and development is also rapid. And it is easy to spread to other positions. Vitiligo patients should pay attention to nursing work and get treatment timely.

Third, vitiligo is easy to spread. At the initial stage, vitiligo is just one small white spot. With your vitiligo condition aggravates, there will be spreading of large pieces, even spread to the whole body. If your vitiligo spreads, your condition will be sure to get serious. When treat vitiligo, the crucial step is to stop vitiligo spreading first.

Forth, there may be serious complications: the main reason of vitiligo is the deficiency of melanin. If without timely treatment, there will be serious complications, such as psoriasis and skin cancer. And vitiligo patients have higher rate to get skin cancer than healthy people. For different positions and different races, the vitiligo symptoms and colors are also different.

For vitiligo patients, you should find the causes of vitiligo and treat it from the root.

Second, on food taboos, it is not eat foods containing too much vitamin C, because vitamin C has inhibit effect to melanin generation. If your vitiligo is of too long time, and your vitiligo continues developing, it can lead to your pigment cells completely disappear. If your vitiligo is of too long time, the melanophore in your human body will be very little. And the treatment will be very very hard. Therefore, vitiligo patients should take treatment as soon as possible.

Third, keep good attitude. A good mentality will cause good influence to human body, and make your body healthier.

Forth, in spring, you can have a sunbath properly, but don’t be exposed to strong sunlight.

Fifth, protect your skin from trauma. Wear loose underwear to avoid the damage and friction to your skin.

Sixth, strengthen physical exercises to improve your body immunity. Don’t get a cold, or it will decrease your immunity and aggravate your vitiligo condition.

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