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The Expressions of Vitiligo

vitiligo symptomsFirst, the expressions of vitiligo is different periods:

Vitiligo is a very stubborn skin disease, not only the treatment process is slow, but also vitiligo is easy to relapse, which brings lots of harm to patients’ mental and physical health.

The early symptoms: after the onset of early vitiligo, vitiligo patients’ skin will get some depigmentation. Melanin will be lost at lesion positions and then arouse white spots. The initial vitiligo is usually light white or milk white. The symptoms are like circle, oval or irregular shape. And some of edge is pigment band. If you observe carefully, you will find there will be a slightly uplift of inflammatory dark red at the edge of new white spots.

The mid symptoms: there are researches finding that, vitiligo patients’ white spots are will be some depigmentation ring. Because of the aggravation of vitiligo condition, the white spots’ color will be serious. And it is lighter than normal skin color. After spreading, white spots will finally become complete annular shape. Vitiligo will spread to surrounding skin presenting ray shape.

The late symptoms:late vitiligo is serious for vitiligo patients. At this period, the treatment difficulty is huge. And late vitiligo usually presents to be map shape. At this period, vitiligo will stop developing, the quantity will not increase any more and the areas will be no enlarge any more. The white spots will become more white, the boundary with normal skin will be clear. The white spots color will become to be porcelain white. The melanophore has already disappeared completely.

Second, the expressions of vitiligo of different types:

There are many types of vitiligo, such as symmetrical vitiligo, generalized vitiligo, joint type vitiligo, point type vitiligo and etc. For different types, the clinical expressions are also different.

First, symmetrical vitiligo: it will occur on human half body’ some positions. It has close relation with dysneuria, which is usually dots or pieces.

Second, generalized vitiligo: it will attack 80% of human within one to threes months, accompanied with the hair getting white. It has direct relation with immunity and spirit factor. The onset area is usually fuzzy and like cloudy shape.

Third, joint type vitiligo: it is easy to occur on limbs positions. The common positions are fingers and feet joints. It presents to be symmetrical type, which is closely related to internal secretion disorder.

There are many types of vitiligo, and different patients have different types of vitiligo, their vitilig causes are also different. Therefore, before any treatment, you need to know what is the cause of your vitiligo and then treat your vitiligo as soon as possible at professional vitiligo hospital.

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