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Early Symptoms For Vitiligo

Early symptoms for vitiligoVitiligo is a kind of depigmentation skin disease. This disease can bring many sufferings to the vitiligo patients. Some patients may ask, what does it mean when the back appear some white patches? The specialist point out that is the early manifestation for the vitiligo this disease, and for those patients with this kind of symptom should seek for treatment immediately, not delay the best treatment time.

The major symptoms for vitiligo is that white patches present various grade white, and the shape is different, and the margin is clear, and the margin of the white patches can seen the pigment deposits. This white patches will become erythema after sunburn even appear some blisters, the patients may feel pain over the lesion part. White patches can appear any part of the body, such as the back, wrist, forearm, face, neck, genital area. Some white patches distribute symmetrically or unilaterally. Even the white patches can distribute along the nerve strips.

The immunity is very important to human being, The patients immunity is lower than the normal people. one of the reasons cause the vitiligo is because of immunity disorder, we can detect some antibodies in the blood, and the autoimmune disease progress very slow, and it has tendency to rebound again. The report at home and abroad that reoccurrence of this disease is 20% to 50%, it are easily to rebound after two to fifth months. The reoccurring white patches can appear on the original part or other region. It may appear one to two spot, it may also many spots, and white patches may gradually increase and expand. The vitiligo patients can improve their immunity function by doing some exercise and improve their own immunity ability.

The UV ray have a great influence to the patient’s skin, when the skin exposure too much sunshine, consequently it will cause the hyperactive of the melancytes, it will lead the melancytes dead because over consumed. Some of the friction areas are easily to appear some white patches is because of the external trauma. Melancytes also may damage because of accumulating of the intermediate substance.

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