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If Vitiligo is at Developing Period

If vitiligo is at developing period? In clinic we divide the vitiligo disease period as developing period and stabilized period based on the white patches developing condition. So what shoall we distinguish this two period, so that we can treat the vitiligo accordingly?

Firstly, see whether vitiligo expand , if the vitiligo didn’t expand within six months, but also no new white patches appearing, it is as stabilized period. On the contrary, the white patches expand within six months, or the new white patches appearing as the developing period. Needless to say, the six months is a relative time as a standard time.

Secondly, we have to see the white patches shape. If the white patches boundaries are clear, the pigment looks deepen around white patches is stabilized period. If the white patches boundaries are obscure, and there are no obvious boundaries with the normal skin color. It will be the developing period. Usually we can see both clear and obscure boundaries on the same patient’s body. It means some of the white patches are at stabilized period, some are developing period. As long as there is a white spot expanding or appear a new white spot, also indicate that patients are at developing stage. Only when all the white patches are not expanding, it will belong to the stabilized period. It is very important to know this point.

Thirdly, it is not absolute that for the stabilized and the developing period for vitiligo, it always appears alternatively. For the incipient white patches always are circle, oval, and quasi-circular shapes. The white patches boundaries will become clear. But due to certain environment stimulus, the patient’s vitiligo can shift to developing stage.

It has a big difference between the developing stage vitiligo symptoms and the stabilized stage symptoms. So the people can judge their own disease period by observing the different symptoms. If they still can not distinguish both period vitiligo, they can go to professional hospital to diagnose it, to treat their vitiligo in a scientific way under the guidance of the dermatologist.

Fourthly, the vitiligo patients should take different measures for developing and stabilizing vitiligo stage.

For some patient is at recovering stage, in order to prevent the vitiligo rebounding again. Even after the white patches disappear, the patients should not stop all the medicine immediately. Because of after the clinic treatment, the patient’s immunity function and the circulation are still very weak.

If the vitiligo are at developing period, the patients should take care of their skin very well, avoid rubbing, injured skin, wearing some comfortable and cotton clothes, incase there are isomorphic reaction appear.

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