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How to Understand Vitiligo

How to understand vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common skin disease characterized as losing of melanin. Its pathogenese is very complex, and the clinic manifestation also is various. For this disease related to many factors suchas the environment and diet, and the genes. From the pathological aspects to say, this disease also in terms of the low immunity, disorder of internal organ metabolism function, and skin venation microcirculation problems. The medical research also indicate that the vitiligo are related to the immunity, heredity , and Cellular immunity, humoral immunity and cytokines.

The human skin like vegetation on the land, the vitiligo is similar to the desertification of the land. The nutrition and the medication are transfer to the tissue and organs by blood circulation. Because of internal organs function disorder, and immunity disorder. It causes the disorder of the tyrosinase, so there is lack of the melanin under skin tissue. And the melanin is the main material maintain the normal skin color.

Although patient will not either feel pain, or itchiness, but if the white patches spread to exposure part. It will greatly affect the patient’s beauty even affect the patient’s life. This disease brings a lot of sufferings for some of the patients. Some of them even choose to end their life.

when some patients notice their hair become white color, They are start to aware of severity of this disease. and for this disease,  The tablized white patches may stumulted by certain factors, so the white patches will probably spread to the whole body. on the other hand, The vitiligo may also induces the happening of other skin disease.

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