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Localized Type Vitiligo Symptoms

Localized type vitiligo symptomsLocalized vitiligo is one of types of vitiligo, it only confined certain part of body, it can be one or few patches, the vitiligo area are not fixable, the whole body may appear with this new white patches. For some of the patients their vitiligo is on the developing stage. The onset of vitiligo are closely related to the external injury, clinic observation shows that some of the skin lesion part have various grade external injury, and the patients are easily to appear some isomorphic reaction.

What are the symptoms of the localized vitiligo?

First localized vitiligo is characterized as loss of some local pigment, and white patches present some milk white color, you will not feel any itchiness also pain. The patients may get sunburn because of the deficiency of the pigment protection effect.

Second the white patches numbers are not fixed, it can confined on certain part of body or certain nerve segments. It rarely changes or disappear automatically, but most of the cases their vitiligo are gradually increased, and even spread to the whole body.

Thirdly the patients’ vitiligo parts are not fixed, the any part of the body may appear of some white patches.

What the patients need to pay attention in daily life?

Firstly even though the localized vitiligo is easily to control, but it also characterized are easily to rebound again.

Secondly avoid taking too much vitamin C food, should eat less spicy food and too much acid foods.

Thirdly avoid irritating the skin, such as sunburn, or UV light therapy, infection. It may also cause vitiligo spread to the whole body. Thus the vitiligo should not exposure too much sunlight, and avoid injure the skin tissue, and wear the suitable clothes.

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