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Degrees of Vitiligo

Degree of Vitiligo First degree: The white patches are sallow and light white. The boundaries are not clear, which is obscure with the sign that vitiligo spread rapidly. It is the one obvious sign of active stage. The second and third degrees are the typical vitiligo skin attack area color that is usual in clinic cases. The white patch degree is related to the vitiligo condition. The first degree light white patches boundary is not clear, white patches’ edge is obscure showing a cloud form. The surface skin shows normal vein, and the pilosebaceous orifice mostly are normal without block condition. The first degree white patches normally belong to developing stage that is also named as active stage. Once it spreads, the expansion speed is rapidly, so we need control it as soon as possible. The children type light white spot’s color and shape can don’t change for couple years. While as the increase with age and human body, the size of white spots can also be enlarged.

The second degree: white spots show a clear boundary, sometimes it can be obscure. The surface skin vein starts to show a obscure sign. The minority patients or the same patient’s certain white patch with a not quit clear white patch surface skin vein, but which is not clear. In the most cases, the boundary is almost clear. The pilosebaceous orifice of rare vitiligo patients spots is blocked.

The third degree: The cloud white spots boundar is clear, the pilosebaceous orifice basically closed.

The third degree white patches are quit common in clinic cases and those symptoms are treated as one of the vitiligo feature.

The forth degree patch refers to the white porcelain color, the color contain chinaware color which can reflect lights. The surface skin vein and pilosebaceous orifice basically disappear. The local blood circulation is severely blocked, what’s more the white spots more turn hard and thick. The disease time is long and treatments effects are not satisfactory.

Previous studies about white patch color and quality are less, the materials are not enough. The relation of white spots color and disease condition need further step to explore, showing a more scientific, objective reflection of vitiligo’s occur and development rule. Different types of vitiligo have varied recovery speed and effect. If you need a further knowledge of vitiligo, you can consult our online doctor.

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