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What is the Frequently Asked Question

What is the frequently asked questionWe know that vitiligo as a very common skin disease, Here are some questions that are frequently asked by patients.

1. What are the causes for vitiligo onset?

The vitiligo morbidity is about 0.1%~2%, not related to the gender, and deeper color group have a higher chance than the light skin color group. The vitiligo can appear at any part of the skin, but we are still not clear about the pathogenesis of the vitiligo. It closely related to the genetic, autoimmunity deficiency, disorder of the neuro-endocrine system, self-destruction and abnormal of the biochemistry.

2. What are the clinic manifestations for vitiligo?

When the skin completely depigmentation, The skin color looks like porcelain, white patches shape and size are unequal.

3. How to diagnose that white patches as vitiligo

The vitiligo is quite easily to diagnose, generally most of the vitiligo can be diagnosed by the experienced clinic dermatologist. For some of the untypical signs of vitiligo can use the wood lamp, skin tissue test to help diagnose it.

4. Is Vitiligo Related to Trance Elements?

Through the trance elements comparison of 100 normal people and the vitiligo patients, especially the hair trance element of copper ion, the average contain level of vitiligo patients is 8.6898µg/g, while the normal people is 10.0703µ/g. Through t test P which is less than 0.05 shows that the vitiligo is related to low level of copper ion. And through the tests of zinc, tin, manganese, the normal people and vitiligo patients are no big difference. The others like serum copper oxidase decreases the activity, while the serum monoamine oxidase is increased, the Serum copper blue egg blue protein is increased. The other reports are chromosome aberration and microcirculation block.

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