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How to stop vitiligo spreading

Vitiligo is a silent disorder which can be noticed only after its appearance or wood light test. Predictions about vitiligo cannot be done normally. The onset of vitiligo itself is very much compromising in a vitiligo patient’s life.Spreading Vitiligo is much devastating in a white patch sufferer’s life as it leads to extreme mental worry and a stage of depression.There are several patterns of spreading and progression of vitiligo,first generalized,then clouding,at last sporadic all over body.

Spreading of Vitiligo generally triggers due to the reason behind it. The most common known reason is "Autoimmunity" which occurs due to various factors such as food habits, harsh antibiotics, steroids, environmental changes, disturbed mental status and hygiene.Numerous cases of vitiligo have been reported to us with the reason of large quantity intake of Vitamin C for example as orange juice etc. Similarly in small kids, sour candies can also spread a static vitiligo vigorously. Fermented food, yeasted food intake like curd, yogurt, some sea food items as crab, fish intake can lead to faster spread of vitiligo in existing vitiligo patients.

Chinese traditional medical on the theory of “stimulating food ” as some food items intake at a time can spread a vitiligo spot. Example of intake of mutton and season are quite responsible for Vitiligo onset and spreading in many cases.Deficiency of Vitamin D3 has adverse effects on vitiligo spreading seen in most of the patients.Enhanced Thyroid count (TSH) triggers spreading of Vitiligo.Vitamin B12 deficiency also has adverse impact in vitiligo. It aggravates spreading of a white patch.Lifestyle acts like swimming in a pool which has chlorinated water can spread vitiligo,It’s a fact and seen in many of our patients. Likewise visit to a water park which runs chlorinated water can aggravate a white spot.

Apart from these some treatments like Homeopathy can sometimes trigger vitiligo spread as it’s the tendency of homeopathic medicines to first enhance the problem. Taking risk with such treatments can spread vitiligo like anything.Treatments with cortices steroids have suppressive effects first and then after stoppage of treatment vitiligo can get aggressive spreading as seen in most of the cases.So how to stop Vitiligo spreading depends on choice of treatment and food habits of the sufferer.

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