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The Harm Of Cosmetic That Vitiligo Patient Used

Can female vitiligo patient do the make up? Every women like yo look pretty, and cosmetic can make woman more beautiful, that is one of most important part for their daily life, but vitiligo give woman huge hit for their look, so can female vitiligo patient do the make up? And what should vitiligo patient care for about when they use cosmetic?

Dermatologist point out that the patient with vitiligo always in depressing mood, this emotional can be understandable. Vitiligo can be described as a kind of disfigure disease, always make patient feel them-self inferior. And the course of treatment if quite slow, the white patches is hard to recovery, so the person that care more about their looking will choice some product to cover the white patches. And use cosmetic should avoiding use high percentage makeup for long period, and sleep without clean it. Normally the female sweat gland and sebaceous gland have higher estrogen levels, suggest use O/W skin cream. Otherwise, if female patient have a allergy history,should avoiding use cosmetic, cause most of the makeup are easily to cause irritability, thus to deteriorate the illness. Study shows that cosmetic have lots of chemical product such as, pigment,perfume, surfactant, decolorzier,opaquing agent, and use unqualified cosmetic will damaged skin condition.There are some example about unqualified cosmetic lead to vitiligo, so patient need to be really careful about the influence of makeup. Vitiligo treatment should pay attention to the therapy, not just the method, even with white patches on the face, should not use makeup, patient skin need to be extra take care.

Women must pay attention to the six with vitiligo makeup

1, Female patients with vitiligo normally use less or disable whitening products

2, Prevent allergy

3, To ban the use of mercury cosmetics

4, It is prohibited to use poor quality cosmetics

5, Optional choose to protect skin to taste is prohibited

6, Excessive use of colour makeup is prohibited

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