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The Three Factors Which Lead To Vitiligo

1.The nerve element have close relation with vitiligo: the melanophore is product by adjustment the nerve body fluid, and there is close connection between central nervous system with the cause of vitiligo. Scientists study a certain amount of vitiligo patient find that, those vitiligo patient during the first stage or stabilized condition, even with recovery stage, if them got trauma psychic, over strain their mind or got highly mental stress will cause white patches enlarge, increase or relapse.

2. Local never damage could also can induce the white patches occur: the patient white patches usually along nerve segment or stripe like with dermatomere,sometimes the white patches will occur below mouth to the mandibular angle. Patient will feel local react slowly. There are some study shows that vitiligo easily happened the body part that damaged in brachial plexus. Also other study show that segmental vitiligo have nerve fiber that permeate the white patches between normal skin, this situation cannot be seen in normal skin condition.

3.Central nervous system diseased region could lead to vitiligo: there are lots of study showed that, some infection disease like syphilis,leprosy and other kind of disease could not only cause body system damaged, but also with skin pigment changed. Also with some study shows that pigment changed also with nervous system diseased region also have serious connection. Segmental vitiligo, usually the depigmentation is like line in the body. Experts in recent years the study of vitiligo find out that it is concluded that endocrine also has a certain relationship with vitiligo, and endocrine have any effect on metabolism of pigment?Experimental research shows that: the melanin cell stimulant, leather ACTH, sex hormone can promote the synthesis of melanin metabolism, and corticosteroids, epinephrine and norepinephrine, and thyroid hormone melatonin inhibits the synthesis of melanin metabolism.

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