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Why Vitiligo On The Edge Of the Limb Is Hard To Recover


Some patient may find that if vitiligo spreads on limbs which it is called acra type vitiligo. Usually, white patches on hands and feet are not big, and spread sporadically. But especially on joints, finger tip positions, the vitiligo is very difficult to treat. And it is very easily to reappear. For acra type vitiligo, patients need pay more attention to their body. There are some reasons why acra type vitiligo is hard to recover.

First,people use hands and feet frequently, and they are easily to get trauma,also got chance to touch pollution substances. But most people think that just little hurt and a little unclear things will not lead to diseases. However, vitiligo can happen inadvertently. Therefore, specialists suggest that patients who work outdoors should pay more attention to protection. And they should try to wear gloves to work to make sure your skin are clean. Besides, if you get hurt on your skin, you should take it seriously and cope with it carefully.Second, hands and feet are exposed to environment. Some people like to have a sunbath on beach, and their hands and feet will be exposed to ultraviolet ray for long time. After exposure, many people’s skin will become dark. But long-term exposure may induce vitiligo.Third, human hands and feet are at the extreme of blood circulation, and far away from heart. And it is mainly blood capillary, so the blood circulation is very slow. This is also one reason why some people feel hands and feet are very cold in winter. Blood is responsible for transportation, and medication is also sent by vessel, so if blood circulation is very slow, the medication effect will decrease which slow down the treatment reaction.

But different person have different body condition, which means some times it maybe easily to treat. Patient need to have more patience during the treatment and have a positive attitude,it will help the treatment effect.

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