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What is the Spot Shape Vitiligo

What is the spot shape vitiligoSpot vitiligo belong one of the vitiligo type, due to loss of the melanin causing skin appear of white patches. The skin lesion can occur on any area. It commonly can find on the fingers, back, wrist, face, neck etc. It is easily to reoccur again after treatment. Patients should treat it at early stage. Then what are the some symptoms for spot vitiligo?

Spot shape vitiligo, whatever patient’s age. It all has the possibility to get vitiligo.

Spot type vitiligo on the early stage, the symptom of the skin lesion has the obvious difference with the normal skin. But if we didn’t treat it vitiligo timely, the spot type vitiligo patients lesion type are gradually expand. The skin lesion melanin will completely appear which will distinguish with the normal skin color.

The spot shape vitiligo usually will distribute symmetrically, it can distribute along the neuron. The white patches have the clear boundaries with the surrounding skin. Sometimes we also will find the pigment will increase at skin lesion. If the vitiligo can not control well, the spot shape vitiligo patients’ white patches hair completely turn, the mucous part also will get greatly damage.

Vitiligo this disease we can not predict the specific vitiligo onset area, but the spot shape white patches distribute on the chest, back, extremities, and trunk part, extremities etc area. The white patches can distribute symmetrically or asymmetrically. The spot vitiligo generally can be easily to be found.

Spot white patches disease white patches mostly are circle and oval shape, the diameter are not more than 1.0cm, the color transfer from the pale color transfer to the psoralen , the boundaries are clear, the spot white patches are expand gradually, integrate etc. but the vitiligo will increase trend, generally it more than one to ten.

The vitiligo is a kind of stubborn skin disease, most of the patients are adolescents, and vitiligo types are not only one type, now we already know the symptoms of the vitiligo. The patients should diagnose it at early time.

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