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What are the Features of Vitiligo

What are the features of vitiligoVitiligo is a kind of skin disease in modern medical science. It is a kind of multiple diseases. The patient’s skin will appear depigmentation phenomenon, the most obvious symptoms are skin will appear some of the white patches. There are commonly seen on facial area, forearm, and back etc. For some serious case it will have a big influence to patient's mental health. Then what are features for this disease?

1. Which group are easily to get vitiligo ?

The vitiligo's occurrence has no racial difference, every race have the risk getting this disease. Both women and male all might get this disease. and elderly and youth also possible to suffer from this disease. Vitiligo prevalence rate in China is about 2%. However majority of adolescents are higher risk group, It is about half of the total population of vitiligo patients.

2. Vitiligo patient’s pathogenic site

Vitiligo’s symptoms are white patches, the amount of white patches are less and the white patches are not big size at early stage . However if we don’t look at it carefully, it is not easily to detect when the white patches are not in exposure area. Vitiligo mainly on the face, arms, back, neck and so on or exposed under sun and friction damage parts.

Apart from skin white spots, lips, labia minora, glans and foreskin inside the mucous membrane are often affected. Vitiligo can spread to the whole body.

3. Vitiligo precautions

The vitiligo can induce many different kind of disease and contraindications, patients should form a good life habit on their daily life as well as avoiding too much sun light. Most importantly, they should have a good mindset.

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