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How to Distinguish White Spot and Vitiligo 

How to distinguish white spot and vitiligoVitiligo might be similar with some other skin disease. Perhaps the skin lesions may look similar for this two skin diseases. But actually both of these two diseases are totally different, if we always can not recognize this, here are some introductions you can refer to. For vitiligo this disease here are few points you can refer.

1. White patches are more sensitive to the sunlight and the UV ray. The skin may turn to red color, or you may feel burning pain, or itchiness or appearing some blister. For some sever case, the skin may appear of white patches.

2. For human body’s skin, oral cavity, and genital mucosa may appear some unequal size, single or multiple irregular white patches. The white patches area gradually become bigger, the amount also increases gradually.

Although the symptoms of vitiligo looks look white patches, but pigment loosing level can be difference. It can present as light white, milky white, cloudy white, and porcelain white color. For some seldom cases, white patches may become smaller or disappear automatically.

White patches have clear boundaries with the normal skin, but the white patches boundaries looks blurry on the developing stage, some can have a color boundary between normal skin and white spots.

4. White patches surface are smooth, no scales or scars. The sensation and secretion function are normal. But there are few patients feel itches. It happens when vitiligo on the developing stage or there are some effects. There also rare vitiligo patients white area’s Sweat smells bad.

For the above case, it has a higher risk to suffer from this disease, but there are many factors can cause vitiligo this skin disease. It still needs to use the specialized equipments to diagnose it as vitiligo. The greatest feature of vitiligo is easily to develop, patients should be treated as soon as possible, so as not to delay the disease, missed the best treatment time, it will not only increase the difficulty of treatment, treatment costs will be relatively increased.

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