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Vitiligo Patients are Easily to Suffer From Skin Cancer

Vitiligo patients are easily to suffer from skin cancerVitiligo patients are easier to suffer from skin cancer. Vitiligo this disease brought a lot of troubles to the patient’s life and work, but also it also accompanied with some other contraindications. So every patients need to pay more attention to it.

1. Why the skin cancers like vitiligo?

Vitiligo as a universally secondary skin disease due to lose of pigment, we usually can see that skin lost the original color at certain area. It looks like light white color. The vitiligo patients are more sensitive to the sunlight than normal skin, the skin will become redness when exposure under sunlight on a short time. With the development of this disease, the white patches will gradually spread and expand. Some people’s skin may appear of some red spots, blisters, and even feel burning pain.

As proved that the vitiligo patient have a weaker ability to prevent the ultraviolet ray. That’s why the incidence of skin cancer is higher than the normal people. For the exposure part skin are prone to get sunburn, and the melancytes are hyperactive after sunlight exposure. It makes the melancytes function decline at the melancytes early stage.

2. Copper jewelry can prevent cancer

· The drugs used to control vitiligo is nitrogen mustard drugs, it belongs to anti-tumor drugs. But after long term using, it has a tendency to cause skin atrophy, aging, so many people not dare to try that. As we know that, the microelements as intermediate substance involved in the metabolic process, for example the copper ion involved the synthesis of the melancytes, and protect the melancytes from the injuring of the metallic toxicant. According the studies, the cooper as the important prothetic group of the tyrosinase, it has a close relationship with the tyrosinase activity, Therefore, copper - containing drugs have been used to treat the disease. But the clinical report that few cases dear because of using the copper sulphate injection. So that no one dare to use that.

However, you can choose to wear copper jewelry, or jewelry with copper, which is beautiful and copper ions can be absorbed to skin.

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