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How to Diagnose it as Vitiligo?

How to diagnose it as vitiligoFor every stage of vitiligo, it is not very obvious at the initial period, but if we can recognize it as vitiligo at the beginning of this disease. Then it can great reduce the harm to the patients. If we know about this disease form start, I believe the therapeutic effects would be more perfect. Let’s listen to the specialist’s suggestion.

1. On the early stage of vitiligo, white patches as the size of nail or coin. It looks like circle, oval shape, irregular shape, some times it may be the spot patches shape, and the boundaries are obvious.

2. White patches will increase, expand and integrate to the island shape. Beside of losing of pigment on the white patches area, it also accompanied as atrophy or removal of debris. Sometimes the hair will lose its color and become totally white.

3. After suffering from vitiligo, the white patches will generally present various kind of color, it present white, gray, nearly normal colors. Some area the white patches become white completely, the surrounding skin looks mild redness, or looks gray color.

4. The number of white patches is uncertain, the white patches can confine on certain body part or distribute along with the certain nerve segment. The white patches rare disappeared itself, it often increase gradually. The adjacent white spots can connect with each other, forming irregular tracts and spreading all over the body.

5. Vitiligo usually will not feel pain and itchiness, if the white patches area is large, the patient will feel burning pain after exposing under sunlight long time. The white patches skin will be more sensitive than the normal skin. It will turn to red color just exposure under sunlight in a short time.

The specialist has told us that some of the early stages vitiligo symptoms, and some late symptoms, if we can recognize it at early stage. We will take some measures to start the treatment.

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