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What are Symptoms for Early Stage Vitiligo?

It is divided three types on beginning stage of vitiligo. It consists of the localized vitiligo type, and distributing type, and generalized type. Generally to say that, vitiligo prone to occur at the skin lesion areas or those areas often exposure under sunlight. The patient’s lesion part skin has a sharp contrast with the normal skin. Thus it is easier to diagnose it as vitiligo by observing.

Skin is the first line of defense to prevent the external injuries, the importance of which is self-evident. However because of skin on super layer of the human body, thus it also as the easiest getting hurt organs. Skin disease can lead patients feel uncomfortable or have a large influence to the patient’s appearance. The common skin disease including of the dermatitis, eczema, vitiligo etc.

Vitiligo is a kind of common depigmentation skin disease, it can occur on the adults or the children. When this disease happens,it will appear of some aubergine color, then we can decide it is vitiligo or not.

The vitiligo disease can be divided three types, including of the localized type, and generalized, distributing type. The main difference for their clinic symptoms is the pathogenesis range is various for all types vitiligo. At the early stage of the vitiligo, the vitiligo patient’s skin will appear of some pale pink or milky white color’s skin lesion. And the boundaries of the white patches are clear. The surface of the skin feels smooth.

Generally to say that the vitiligo is prone to occur on the areas that are easily damaged, thus the exposure parts are easily to appear some vitiligo symptoms. On the other hand, besides the patient’s skin has some obvious changes, the mucosal area also wills have some obvious changes. Patients will feel itchiness occasionally. We need to treat it as soon as possible.

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