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Does vitiligo is a Contagious Disease

Does vitiligo is a contagious diseaseVitiligo belongs to one of type of skin disease, when the skin appears of vitiligo, then it will have some changes over the skin. This is the express of the vitiligo symptoms. Generally people are very worried about the vitiligo this disease, they worried about that their vitiligo will infect to other people.

The vitiligo is not an infectious disease, but it related to certain genetic factor. Vitiligo has very obvious symptoms. It is easily to be noticed by patients. In addition this disease mostly happening on the teenagers, so vitiligo patients are very worried about if this disease will pass to next generation. This question is eager to know by all the patients and all their family members.

For the problem of vitiligo, it is thought that vitiligo may be a disease of autonomic dominant inheritance disease. The incidence rate is higher on inner family.

But we are still not clear about the pathogenesis of vitiligo, so far it is only as one of theories, we still need a large amount of the clinic statistical materials. There are some other theories also may cause this disease. There are several theories, such as autoimmune theory, self-destruct theory of melanocyte, tyrosine, and relative absence of copper ion.

Vitiligo has a tendency to pass on to next generation, if their family members with this disease before, so they also have the risk to suffer from this disease. We found that 15% to 20% of the family history with vitiligo may suffer from this disease.

The vitiligo patients can have their marriage, but they should take care of their children’s diet habit, and study, and combine exertion and rest, avoid exposure under the strong sunlight, reduce the psychological burden, so the incidence rate would decline greatly.

It is common that vitiligo may pass to next generation, so we should get rid of this disease completely, don’t let the next generation catch this disease, it brings a series of inconvenient and harm to their daily life, study, and job. So for the children with this disease, the parents should go to hospital have a follow check up. Don’t delay the best time to treat this disease.

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