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Why Vitiligo Easily to Rebound Again?

Why vitiligo easily to rebound againVitiligo is a stubborn skin disease and has a big influence to the patient’s psychological health. Although therapeutic technologies have some enhancement in nowadays, but there are still many patients vitiligo rebounding again. Vitiligo’s treatment effect related to many factors, vitiligo’s type, duration, and skin lesion area, and treatment time, and patient’s vitiligo condition etc.

Now let me introduce some of the factors may cause vitiligo rebounding.

Firstly, vitiligo’s type, it divide as the six types, the therapeutic effect would be various for different vitiligo types. The therapeutic result would be best for localized and distributive vitiligo type.

Secondly, the shorter time of vitiligo better the therapeutic effect patient has. It may relate to the melancytes destroying degree. As long as the duration is short, so the destroying degree is light.

Thirdly for lesion part, vitiligo patient’s white patches distribute on different body area, the therapeutic effect would be various. The facial and the head, neck exposure area has the obvious effect, but the extremities, trunk area have a poor therapeutic effect. The facial white patches are easily restored. It indicates that the blood vessels are more enriched on the facial area, the blood supplying is enough.

Fourthly, it depending on the treatment duration, Vitiligo’s treatment is a long term treatment process, with the treatment time increased, and insists on scientific therapeutic effect. So the therapeutic effect would improved, patients should not suddenly stop the treatment process.

Fifthly, Patient’s mentality, if patients feel anxiety or tired during the treatment, or they didn’t pay attention to their diet, internal clock. It will cause vitiligo rebounding again.

6. if they do not obey the doctor’s order.

Some of the patient’s didn’t take their medicine timely. Once they see a bit improvement, they will stop following the treatment. In fact, their white patches haven’t been restored the normal skin color, the damaged melancytes haven’t been completely restored. Intermittent treatment can affect the therapeutic effect, and then delay the best treatment time, cause the vitiligo rebounding again.

Seventh, most of the patient’s didn’t pay much attention to their vitiligo at the early stage. They will not fell any pain or itchiness. They didn’t take any solutions until their vitiligo become more severe.

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