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Melagenina PLUS For Vitiligo in Cuba

Melagenina PLUS For Vitiligo in Cuba,VitiligoVitiligo is also a common skin disease around the world. In our China, we treat with Chinese herb medicine. The different countries have their feature treatments. In Indian, there is Ayueveda for vitiligo patient. In Cuba, there is the melagenina plus to treat vitiligo. Now we will have a introduction of cuba vitiligo treatment.

The medicine called Melagenina Plus (+ Calcium Chloride) is a kind of alcoholic extract of human placenta, pharmaceutical product that has the feature of increasing the reproduction of melanocytes, and accelerates the production of melanin, which is said that can make it a medicine of choice for vitiligo by accelerating the reproduction rate of melanocytes remaining area at the edge or within regions. So the white spots can be controlled.

It is also treated as a safe treatment for vitiligo without side effects. MELAGININA PLUS allows children and adults, including elderly, pregnant women and women during the menstrual period.

And before the treatment, there will also have couple days’ consultation with patients. They will talk about the medicine and the treatments clearly. This is good appointment with doctor and patients.

The different counties have different treatments. Some treatments may show good effects to some patients, but not all patients suit all treatments. Because the patients physical conditions are also different, so the causes also are various.

The different background, culture, diets formed different people. But all the vitiligo symptoms show on skin, all the symptoms are same, but the treatments should based on personal condition as well as the vitiligo stage, white spot size, attack areas, disease time, gender, race and so on.

Vitiligo causes great influence on not only physical condition, but also the emotion. The embarrassing feeling of the others’ attitude, the pressure, and the self-pity all badly influences the daily life and work.

There are many treatments in the world, you should never give yourself too much pressure, or the vitiligo will get worse. Some patients’ vitiligo cause is pressure. And some clinic cases, the optimistic mood, the vitiligo can also get improvement.

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