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What to do if children get vitiligo?

children patients It is known to us all that vitiligo is a serious skin disease which can appear in various age group and in different professions. Adults with vitiligo are caused by many factors, such as immunity function, inheritance, personal emotion, viscera function, microelement and etc.And for kids, it may be caused by inheritance, environment and the lack of microelement.So what to do if children get vitiligo?

(1)Make a diagnosis and give treatment in time.Meanwhile,strength the nursing care.

Parents should send their sick children to the hospital to make a diagnosis and get treatment, and to assist the doctors looking for a possible causative factors.Treatment scheme should be formulated and implemented under the guidance of doctors. Strength the nursing, avoid injury and infection, and actively treat other skin diseases of children. If parents find that their illness get worse, they should be sent to the hospital in time to dispel the possible causative factors and adjust the treatment plan.

(2)Cultivate a reasonable diet and strengthen nutrition.

Patients getting vitiligo should pay attention to adjust diet structure.At the same time, eat more high protein, high energy,and foods high in vitamin B group. Add a moderate amount of a variety of trace elements. Eat more deep color food, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame seed, walnut meat, black fungus, dateplum persimmon, mulberry, peanut, etc. In peacetime, eat less or don’t eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomato, orange, grapefruit, apricot, hawthorn, strawberry, kiwi, etc. In progression period, patients should avoid foods containing too much fat and fishy seafood. Parents should not allow children’ unreasonable diet demand for dotage.

(3) Keep the rational use of drugs to avoid damage.

Vitiligo treatment is more,but some drugs and methods are not suitable for children,such as system applying immunosuppressant, antitumor medicine, long-time and large area of topical corticosteroids, oral 8-MOP UVA and surgical therapy.These medicines are not suitable for children patients. You can choose some therapy of less side effect, such as ultraviolet irradiation, immune modulators, traditional Chinese medicine and external use medicine.Adjust the treatment plan in time according to the condition changes to avoid iatrogenic injuries. Don’t use sulfa, cystine, penicillamine, vitamin C and other medicines which can aggravate theire condition.

(4) Be careful of skin trauma lest the production of isomorphic reflect.

Trauma can make the wound skin white.It may be because the damaged nerve fibers in local trauma or the high stress state of the body.It can dysfunction the neuroendocrine system in the body and reduce the synthesis of melanin metabolism. Also including isomorphic reaction. Isomorphic reaction induced by local stimulation,such as surgery, trauma, oppression, or friction and local infection of adverse factors.This will lead to localized inflammation or trauma parts vitiligo.

If children suffer from the disease of vitiligo, parents must pay attention to taking the kids to normal hospital timely. Parents should do well on the children’s daily nursing work, reasonably adjust the daily diet of children and take medicine reasonably under the guidance of doctors. And do a good job in the children's skin care so that they can control their condition as soon as possible and the children can get well soon.

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