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Treating Vitiligo with Traditional Chinese Medicine Bath

Vitiligo treatmentTCM bath is one of the external therapies of traditional Chinese medicine in skin disease treatment, which has hundreds and thousands of years of history. It is done by putting cooked liquid medicine in a big barrel or basin and soaking part or whole body in it. It works through irritation of water temperature to skin collateral and meridians and transdermal absorption. It is different from ordinary bath or spa. It follows the syndrome differentiation and prescribe medicine according to syndrome of skin disease and then treat the disease with different medicine. It works directly on skin with irritation of heat and medicine, increasing concentration of medicine at the lesion and treating the disease from root causes. At the same time, increase the temperature of skin to dilate blood vessels and improve blood circulation, duly increase blood supply and promote micro-circulation to maintain normal metabolites of skin. So it works more quickly, no side effects, etc, so it was called Green Therapy. And this kind of treatment has very obvious effect and widely acknowledged.

Medicine bath is one of the characteristic therapies of traditional Chinese medicine in skin disease treatment, which can shorten the courses, improve the effects of other therapies and medicine. It has very good effect on psoriasis, vitiligo, dermatitis, eczema, urticaria, ichthyosis and brings good result for those whose disease always relapse.

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