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Vitiligo Causes and Treatments in China

Vitiligo Causes and Treatments in China,Vitiligo If you have suffered vitiligo for long time, you should have tried many treatments. Now I will introduce you a new view of causes and system treatments for vitiligo in China. The system treatments are not simple cream and tablets. There is a system of treatments is called UM-D Multi Dimensions Treatment System.

UM-D Multi Dimensions Treatment System holds that view: vitiligo is a kind of local skin melanocyte apoptosis disease.

Why melanocyte apoptosis or decreases?

The cause is the local skin tissue’s immune system, nutrition environment, and metabolism environment are destroyed.

Then, why skin local melanin production environments are destroyed?

In Chinese medical opinion the cause is human heredity, life environment and habits that trigger the internal organs disorder.

Therefore, vitiligo treatment is not only treat skin, but also adjusting internal organs that is the 1+1+1 UM-D multi dimensions treatments.

Only by this way, we can really control vitiligo’s expansion, once the expansion is controlled that can be the premise of recovery.

1. Firstly, control vitiligo spreading therapy

It is the basic vitiligo treatment. The common treatments apply phototherapy and local external medication, even stimulating local skin to show color change, while the treatment difficulty is big, effectiveness is not that ideal. Many patients didn’t get the expected effectiveness, but losing their confidence of treatments.

2. Repigmentation

According to the local skin area’s change, melanin can normal product, the skin color gradually recovery to original color.

3. Preventing relapse

From the long term curative aspect, we should take personal condition, internal organs function adjustment into consideration.

Our treatments combined traditional Chinese medicine, western treatments and medicine, and the latest large-scale medical facilities.

You can compare the current treatments, you can figure out the real cause why the vitiligo effects are not ideal and obvious.

Treatment Cycle

This vitiligo treatment cycle takes 15-20 days, but the time is not fixed which depends on your time basically.

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