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Detox Chinese Therapy for Vitiligo

Detox Chinese Therapy for Vitiligo,Vitiligo There are many medicines for vitiligo, the most common types are western medicines that can stimulate skin to promote melanocyte to produce pigment.

In China, the ancient times’ view that vitiligo is caused by blood toxin.

The white spots are the symptoms, the causes are the blood toxin, the root is the internal organs disorder. So if we want a treatment to remove the white spots, we should remove the blood toxin, and we should also adjust the internal organs functions.

What is blood toxin?

In Chinese opinion, the blood toxin is that the causes in blood that can trigger vitiligo onset. In modern opinion, the inflammation factors, toxic protein, and some cells.

Normally, our treatments and medications only work on the local white spots areas. Actually, we advice the treatments to decrease the risk of reoccurrence and the blood toxin is the key of vitiligo treatments.

What are the Chinese detox treatments?

The Chinese herb medicine has a long history to treat diseases or keep health. The medicine is to adjust body, remove the blood toxin and adjust the immune system. The herb medicines come from natural medical plants pr animals. The Chinese medicine is like pill or tablet, it is just the medical soup that can be oral medication, five element bath, even steam treatments.

The herb medicines are from nature, so which is safe and without side effects. The effects show relative slow compare to the western medicine. And the effects speed is also related to different attack areas as well as the stages of vitiligo. The face and head are easy to show effects, then the trunk will show effect, after is arm and leg, finally the hand and feet will show effects.

There are different types, stages and attack areas vitiligo. The symptoms may show familiar with white spots. If you still have many vitiligo problems, you can talked with our doctors and leave your own problem and vitiligo condition. You can send your problems to casuhospital@hotmail.com we will try to give you a professional solution.

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