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Can women make up if they get vitiligo?

the influence of cosmetic for women vitiligoWomen love beauty and in peacetime they like to use cosmetic to make them looks more beautiful.However,once they get vitiligo,their appearance will suffer from severe damage.Therefore,they want to make themselves look the same with others by using cosmetic.But can they use cosmetic?They will greatly damage the skin.

Vitiligo patients should try not to use cosmetic, but it does not mean you can not use it at all.It just means you should make proper choose and try not to use white makeup to cover vitiligo.At present,there are many cases about vitiligo spreading caused by cosmetic.As a result,vitiligo patients must be careful when you choose cosmetic.

For women patients whose vitiligo is not on their faces,maybe they can use cosmetic occasionally.But for facial vitiligo patients,you must forbid to use cosmetic.Patients should choose cosmetic of high quality.You know it is bad for you to have a heavy makeup.Avoid by all means is sleeping with makeup.Clean up your skin in time.

Woman patients having skin allergy symptoms are not allowed to make up.Because most of the cosmetic are easy to cause allergy then aggravate patients condition. Cosmetic on face will cause potential safety hazard and can arouse adverse reaction.Especially the exceeded standard of heavy metal will cause potential serious damage which are invisible to the naked eyes.But as time goes on,the damage will appear.Therefore, vitiligo patients should not neglect the damage of cosmetic.

Women patients should use modificatory cosmetic and clean up skin in time. Generally,for young female,sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete exuberant. They can choose neutral skin cream.For oily skin,it is easy to lead to acne.They can choose weak oily skin cream.

In addition,women patients should persist treatment.Don’t give up your treatment.Vitiligo is so stubborn a disease that we must be patient and confident to defeat it.

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