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Medication for Vitiligo Patients

Medication for Vitiligo Patients,Vitiligo Vitiligo is a color loss of skin caused by the melanocyte’s disability of synthesizing melanin. The symptoms show different areas and the vitiligo can be divided into different types like acral type, generalized type of vitiligo.

The vitiligo can also show a similar and corresponding whit spots on patients body. The early stage, vitiligo is not severe. The doctor can give you some medicine to treat vitiligo.

Creams can control inflammation, particularly if you start using it early of the disease. You can not see a change in skin's color for couple months.

This cream is effective and simple to use. But it can trigger side effects, such as skin thinning or your appearance of streaks or lines on vitiligo patients’ skin.

Vitamin D. A cream can be used together with corticosteroids or ultraviolet light. Possible side effects are like dry skin, rash and itching.

Medications that usually affect the vitiligo patients’ immune system. Ointment may be effective for people with small areas of color loss, especially on your face and neck. The treatment may have some side effects than corticosteroids and it can be used with UVB light.

There are some herb medicine that with detox treatments effects to adjust the immune system and the internal organs.

There are five internal organs, heart, liver, sleep, lung, and kidney which can’t work as normal people that is called a disorder. The immune system, blood environment, metabolism system all are dysfunctional work as the others, there will show some change on skin that is the white spot.

The good treatment is not to treat whit spots, but to treat the internal causes, the inflammation factors, toxic protein and other contains.

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