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Preventions and Complications of Vitiligo

Preventions and Complications of Vitiligo,Vitiligo Vitiligo is a common skin disease, and the early stage of vitiligo that is not severe, you may use some of the cream and tablets, there will show some effects, but the abuse of cream and hormone medicine that can show some side effects and complications.


There are some complications that are caused by vitiligo or the abuse of medication and cream. Those diseases include diabetes, pernicious anemia, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, thyroid disease, primary adrenal insufficiency, scleroderma, and malignant tumor. Not all the patients will have the relative complications, but you still need pay much more attention to the treatment and medication.

There are many treatments for vitiligo, the different UV lights, 308 nm excimer. The surgery is also a therapy for vitiligo.


The necessary cautions for vitiligo you should pay. There are some preventions of vitiligo, you can have a common knowledge of vitiligo to ease your own condition.

1. Decrease the junk foods intake, a scientific diet is necessary.

2. Keep practicing, to breath more fresh air in morning.

3. Protect yourself from injury, trauma, and infection.

4. The chemical materials from working and living environment should be avoided.

5. Keep a positive mood that is not only benefit for vitiligo, but also good for your health.

You should pay attention the preventions, and the abuse of hormone medicine and creams that can cause the side effects and complications.

Vitiligo can be divided into different types and stages, the different stages should also treat with different treatments and based on the personal conditions and causes.

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