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Vitiligo Treatment-Phototherapy

Vitiligo treatmentWhole cabin phototherapy is a new advanced instrument in treating chronic skin disease like vitiligo, and psoriasis. It works like this: ultraviolet of certain wave radiate skin injury and produce photochemical reaction or regulate immune responses, duly treating some kind of intractable skin disease. At present, most hospitals use the scientific technology of PUVA which requires UVA ultraviolet radiation and oral medication, however, the side effects brings by UVA as well as side effects produced by photosensitive medicine are obvious, and narrow-spectrum UVB phototherapy solved the excessive radiation of ultraviolet, which not only can let patients take radiation wave within 311-312nm from narrow-spectrum UVB (this range is also the most beneficial part in natural sunshine), at the same time, no other assistant medicine is needed with UVB treatment, and avoided the side effects from photosensitive medicine during traditional PUVA treatment.

Advantages: short course, quick responses, overall effective rage over 90%; No need of other assistant medication, avoid side effects from photosensitive medication, strong effective radiation output, no side effects, good safety and tolerance. There isn’t obvious influences to normal skin, and it avoided the rate of skin burnt or cancer from traditional wide-spectrum ultraviolet.

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