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Is vitamin B12 important for vitiligo patients?

vitamin B12The cause of vitiligo illness are inseparable with patients’ body. In clinic, after testing of most patients with vitiligo, we found patients’ common point is the lack of vitamin B12. For lack of some kind of vitamins causing the occurrence of vitiligo, which has now been confirmed. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of vitiligo patients should pay attention to vitamin supplements. We can have a deep knowledge about the influence of vitamin B12 on vitiligo.

If vitamin B12 is sufficient, the nerve cells will be energetic,which can alleviate anxiety, nervousness and increase the tolerance to noise. Vitiligo experts say that vitamin B12 are closely related to the metabolism of the sugar, protein, fat. It can maintain and improve the health of the epithelial tissue, such as the eyes epithelial tissue, the digestive tract mucosa tissue. A severe lack of vitamin B12 will lead to vision fatigue, cornea hyperemia, angular cheilitis and etc.

Vitamin B12 is indispensable to human body and has the vital significance for the treatment of vitiligo, and it is also one of the material indispensable for human body. So vitiligo patients can eat vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is key material in the process of sugar metabolism. The required energy of body's muscles and nerves is mainly composed of sugar, so it is important.

Vitamin B12 can promote the growth and maturity of red blood cells, make the body hematopoiesis function in normal state and prevent pernicious anemia; Maintain a healthy nervous system; Exists in the form of coenzyme and it can increase the utilization rate of folic acid, improve the metabolism of the carbohydrate, fat and protein; Have the function of the activation of amino acids and promote the biosynthesis of nucleic acid, and it can promote protein synthesis. It is important to the body's growth and development. So, when the body lacks vitamin B12, the body function will be affected, thus affecting the synthesis of melanin and leading to vitiligo.

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