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How to Prevent Vitiligo Relapse Naturally

How to Prevent Vitiligo Relapse Naturally,VitiligoVitiligo can occur again and again, which is a troublesome aspect for vitiligo patient. And there are many triggers that can cause vitiligo occur again and again. First of all, we should know about the triggers of relapse.

The vitiligo triggers are following:

1 Abuse of cream and hormone medicine

The initial stage of vitiligo usually shows a light color loss. Actually, this is also the best time to control vitiligo development and get proper treatments. The skin is sensitive and the doctor usually gives patients some cream and hormone medicine with anti-inflammation, and anti-immune disorder effects. But effects are usually temporary effect, and the patients are inclined to rely on those cream, ointment and medicine.

But once you stop using them, it is easy to relapse. Once the metabolism forms resistance of medicine, then they may show no response of that medicine and cream.

2. Sun exposure

You may want to have relax to ease vitiligo, but you should also protect your skin. The over exposure under sun will cause sun born on your skin, especially the noon sunlight. A day’s 2 pm is the most hot period, and you should avoid the sunlight, and you can also take a umbrella or wear a sunglass.

3. Pressure

Pressure must be a perspective that cause great influence on your vitiligo development and relapse. The other’s curiosity and fear of infection let the patients afraid to communication with the others. The mental pressure will cause the most clinic cased can’t get a relative good effects compared to the positive mood patients.

4. Foods

There are some of the foods that can stimulate vitiligo’s relapse. You should know that the vitamin C and the lamp, seafood and the spicy and stimulating foods are not bad for vitiligo. If you eat them too much, then your vitiligo and white spots will develop.

So you can pay attention to those four aspects to prevent the relapse. And you can increase the immune system to do sports or use some herb medicine to keep health.

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