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Is sunbath good for vitiligo treatment?

sunbathSunbath is beneficial to vitiligo treatment and it can improve patients’ immunity. The abnormal phenomenon of patients’ immunity system is one of the main cause of the onset of vitiligo. In clinic, we find that ultraviolet ray can increase the immunity globulin in patients’ body and improve T lymphocyte immunity function, and then improve patients’ immunity. Besides, it can also activate the damaged melanin cell to recover the normal function. Because of the abnormity of the melanin cell in skin surface, the synthesis of melanin will decrease and then appear white spot.

Excessive exposure will be easy to induce vitiligo. It is because of the influence of inheritance, immunity, psychology and many other factors that trigger the melanin synthesis obstacle in local skin and hair follicle. However, the ultraviolet ray in sunlight can promote the melanin metabolism. So proper sunlight can make melanin cell transfer to skin surface and aggravate the skin color. Then it will benefit vitiligo treatment.

The ultraviolet ray in summer can make people become black. Some patients will get a sunbath especially in summer to alleviate their illness condition, hoping their condition can get better. The sunbath has dual function. Appropriate sunbath can be helpful to the disease and make the skin color deeper. And phototherapy in clinic is a very effective treatment method to treat vitiligo. However, phototherapy is not equal to sunbath, and it is a special treatment laser. Excessive exposure in sunlight is of no effect to vitiligo and rather it will damage the melanin cell and accelerate vitiligo spreading. Therefore, in hot summer, patients should avoid the straight and excessive sun irradiation. If your vitiligo is comparatively stubborn, and the medicine and various phototherapy are of less effect, you can try other methods.

How to get correct sunbath?

1. Choose a proper place. If you get a sunbath in the room, the room should be clean and air should be fresh to avoid cross infection. But sunbath should be in open area outside.

2. The time should not be too long.The sunbath time should not be so long. The irradiation time can be from ten minutes to 1~2 hours. The best illumination season is in summer’s May~September; The time is usually in the morning (9-11 o’clock) and in the afternoon(3~4 o’clock); The temperature should be 18ºC~22ºC. Choose proper illumination intensity in the guidance of your doctor.

3. Avoid the irradiation of other positions.

4. Observe the skin change intimately. If the treatment reach certain treatment effect, it will appear water bubble, air bubble. When the bubble breaks, it will outflow the yellow water and further get decrustation and stain. Thus expanding the recovery of lesion position.

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