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Surgery for Vitiligo Treatment

Surgery for Vitiligo Treatment,VitiligoWhen the normal treatments don’t show obvious effects, the cream and light therapy that can’t reach the expected effects, there is therapy for the vitiligo patient. But usually we don’t use for the patients who can treat with the common treatments.

Skin grafting

In this process, the vitiligo doctor will remove very small sections of your normal, pigmented skin areas and attaches them to the areas which have lost melanin. This vitiligo treatment procedure is sometimes used once you have small patches of vitiligo disease.

There are some possible risks like infection, scarring, spotty color, a cobblestone appearance and failure of the white spots areas to recolor.

Blister grafting

In this treatment procedure, the doctor will create blisters on your pigmented skin area, usually with suction. Your doctor will remove the tops of those blisters and transplant them to the areas of discolored skin.

There are some possible risks like a cobblestone appearance, scarring, and failure of the white spots to recolor. The scarring risk is less with this process than the other kinds of skin grafting.


From this aspect, the doctor will use a surgical instrument to implant melanin into your skin. It's most obvious around the lip, especially in patients with darker skin color. Drawback includes difficulty matching the skin color, the tendency of tattoos to fade and their inability to tan. In the same time, the skin damage triggered by tattooing may cause another spot of vitiligo.

Tattooing is a aspect, but if possible, you can choose other treatments. If the scratching or injury of skin that can also cause vitiligo, when the patients get vitiligo, it is possible that the other area will also show a isomorphic response.

Surgery is an also a choice for the patients who have suffered vitiligo for long time and the skin has lost the normal function. The late stage of vitiligo show less effects or no response to treatment, and you can choose surgery.

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