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Home Remedies for Vitiligo

Home Remedies for Vitiligo,VitiligoWhen you have white spots, you can judge the vitiligo stages by yourself sometimes. If the border of vitiligo is clear and no new dots occur that shows vitiligo is in still stage. The color is light and the boundary of white spots is obstreat. And the specialist treatments are necessary, the home remedies can also ease the conditions and development of vitiligo.

And you can avoid fruits that are rich of Vitamin C, such as orange, kiwi and tomato. Besides the fruits, there are some tips you should take into mind.

1. The house you stay that should be full of fresh air.

2.Your clothing should be soft and clean, your sheet should also change usually to avoid the skin infection.

3. Avoid scratching that can trigger the new skin lesions.

4The bath water should can be the warm, not too cold, nor too hot, avoid the stimulated base soap.

5. Diets should be scientific, less alcohol, avoid the allergic foods such seafood and mutton and seafood.

6. You shouldn’t scratch the skin lesions of white spots.

7. An easy mood is very significant to improve your condition.

8. Tar bath, mineral bath that can be choices for vitiligo patients.

9. The vitiligo is white color normally, you can eat some deep color nuts and seeds.

10. Avoiding injury, infection, and sun exposure.

If the home remedies are not that significant and obvious, you can choose the specialist vitiligo hospital for help. To get a comprehensive consultation of vitiligo common knowledge as well as the personal vitiligo conditions.

And there are many causes of vitiligo of immune system and the underneath causes.

1. The immune system disorder.

2. Tyrosinase’s activity decreases.

3. Melanin cells antibodies increases.

4. Trace elements loss such as copper and zinc ion.

5. Vitiligo susceptibility cells occur suddenly.

6. Melanocyte’s apoptosis.

7. Finally, the obstruction of melanins secretion.

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