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Sunlight Treatment for Vitiligo

sunlightGenetic is an important reason of vitiligo, many people think. Actually inheritance accounts for only 4% of the incidence of vitiligo. Environment, mental health and lifestyle are important in the incidence of vitiligo. It is understood that in addition to the mental pressure, emergency situation, trauma, decreased immunity, endocrine disorders and other internal factors can lead to the miss of melanin. Frequent exposure is also an important reason. Many people get vitiligo during their travel. The expert reminds, protect their skin is particularly important when going out. Should avoid all kinds of skin damage to prevent exposure.

There are some things should pay attention to sunbath.

Sunbath is good for human body. For vitiligo patients, it is also the same. But there is some matters to attention.

First, avoid straight sunlight.

Because there is no protection of melanin in white spot area, so the sun exposure can cause skin damage, even more serious erythema, blister, accompanied with pain. Especially in the summer when light intensity is intense, sunlight on the skin damage is likely to trigger a new vitiligo. Sunlight for a long time will result in melanocytes hyperactive and self-destruction, at the same time it can also lead to the emergency of a large number of middle of the production containing too much active contains poisonous, thus exacerbating the melanin depigmentation then aggravating illness. Therefore, patients with vitiligo should use sunlight properly to promote treatment.

Second, sunlight can be a treatment.

The ultraviolet ray in sunshine has the good sterilizing effect. Suitable for light can promote the production of melanin in the skin. It can assist the treatment of vitiligo. Therefore, vitiligo patients accept moderate sunbathing can promote the proliferation and migration of melanocyte and promote the synthesis of melanin, and inhibit the local immune response, so that the color of white spot can gradually return to be normal.

Third, pay attention to sunlight time and temperature.

In general, four and five o’clock in the afternoon are the golden time for patients with vitiligo. But the intensity of sunlight in different seasons is different, so the strength of the irradiation should be adjusted. Spring and summer ,at eight o 'clock to half past ten in the morning, three to five o 'clock in the afternoon are the two best periods of exposure. Pay attention to avoid heatstroke. In winter ,it is the best at 12 noon,and pay attention to keeping warm, in order to fully use the ultraviolet light.

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