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UM-D Multi Dimensions Vitiligo Treatment System

UM-D Multi Dimensions Vitiligo Treatment System,VitiligoIn Beijing CASU Vitiligo hospital apply a system of treatments to treat vitiligo. There are many technologies’ advantages. If you want to know about the system treatments theory and you can have a common knowledge of the UM-D Multi Dimensions Vitiligo Treatment System.

There are 16 Types of core technologies, it will figure out causes and root, treat both symptoms as well as causes

The first stage’s treatment

It will attack the causes directly, adjust the organism’s immune disorder, improve the organism’s metabolism function, and promote the melanocyte’s proliferation and differentiation, which is a treatment that reachs the cause accurately.

The second stage’s treatment

The second stage will improving the internal organs’ environment, dredge ethe channels, increase skin lesion’s cell blood oxygen supplication, promot the monophenyl oxidase combination, recover melanocyte’s normal metabolism function to control vitiligo spreading quickly.

The third stage's therapy

To stimulate damaged melanocyte’s function, promote the melanocyte’s self growth and production capability of melanin, deeply recovery of original skin color.

The fourth stage's therapy

To comprehensively adjust every tissue, cell, nervous system nutritional status, increase the activities of the melanocyte, promote the massive reproduce to realize the comprehensive health.

The fifth stage's treatment

It will comprehensively found and increase immune system function and relapse organism, which can avoid completely relapse of vitiligo.

The five stages of vitiligo treatment, there will show a fast effect. The vitiligo show different stage and types. So the treatments should base on the personal physical condition. Then the doctor will make an individual treatment scheme.

The common treatments are laser and cream. The simple treatments can’t treat vitiligo. But we can have a treatment to adjust human immune system.

So we should treat vitiligo based on different stages and type.

If you want a comprehensive knowledge of vitiligo, you can consult our online doctor. And you can also send your own problems to casuhospital@hotmail.com and we will give you a professional solution as soon as possible. The symptoms of white spot are similar, but the conditions of type and stages are various.

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