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Why My Vitiligo Is Spreading

Vitiligo treatmentVitiligo treatmentRecently, when I talk to patients, many of them told me that they were taking medicine for their vitiligo, there was some improvement, but too slow. And what is worse, their vitiligo is still spreading very quickly, which bothers them a lot. So, why the vitiligo is spreading?

Through talking, I know that most of the patients did not know the exact reason for their vitiligo, nor did they ever do any specialized tests or examination to find it out. They just apply some oitment or take some medicine to treat it, which is quite simple, convenient and cheap. But the problem is that there isn’t any or only little improvement, what is worse, more spots occurs to other parts of their body.

So, for those patients, we suggest that patients should find out the exact reason for their disease, otherwise, some medicine or the factors that caused their vitiligo is still existing, so, their vitiligo still advance and spreads, which is the right way to control and stop spreading vitiligo.

Besides, they should also have it examined carefully and take systematic treatment to treat vitiligo from multiple-dimensions to control all the factors that cause the vitiligo, only in this way can the vitiligo be controlled and treated effectively.

So, you can talk to us online and tell us about your specific condition, then we can know how to help you specifically.

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