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Can vitiligo patients smoke?

Stop smokingVitiligo patients can not smoke because cigarette will cause some influence on vitiligo recovery. For the sake of health, it is better for vitiligo patients to discontinue the habit of smoking and drinking. And the things and foods that can cause stimulation to skin should also be imposed restrictions. Or it will cause the recurrence of condition and be against for treatment effect.

Generally, when vitiligo appears, patients will find it easily. The vitiligo is usually obvious, and will become more and more gradually with the area also enlarging. Once you find yourself the symptoms of vitiligo, you should go to a professional vitiligo hospital to make a diagnosis and treat it as soon as possible. Don’t miss the optimal treatment time. And if you get vitiligo, then you should avoid some bad habits and give up some foods. For example, stop the habit of smoking is important for you.

First, smoking is bad for the recovery of vitiligo so vitiligo patients should not smoke. It is mainly because there are various harmful chemical substances, especially nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, a variety of heavy metals. These substances will do great harm to human body. They can make the blood oxygen content decline and immunity function decline. Even seriously, it can arose the possibility of canceration. So patients who get vitiligo should stop smoking to avoid more harm and try to stop drink wine, too.

Second, vitiligo patients should cultivate healthy lifestyle which will contribute to vitiligo recovery. In peacetime,pay attention to strengthening physical exercise. Persist running and take exercises will increase your immunity. Avoid touching irritant things, especially acids chemicals, chemical fertilizer and pesticide and etc. And some whitening cosmetics should also be stopped.

Third, don’t be exposed to strong sunlight. It will be easy to arose skin inflammation. Thus cause the melanin damage to generate depigmentation. If patients want to have a sunbath, you should though the glass, which will decrease the irradiation of ultraviolet ray and excessive sunlight irradiation. In daily life, keep skin clean.

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